In the opening month of 2023, Kyrgyzstan witnessed a remarkable surge in the import of passenger cars, showcasing a year-on-year increase of 33%. This review unravels the driving forces behind this surge, delves into the notable figures, and examines the broader impact on Kyrgyzstan's trade dynamics.

Rapid Rise in Car Imports

The automotive landscape in Kyrgyzstan experienced a substantial transformation in January 2023, marked by a 33% YoY surge in passenger car imports. The influx of 6,545 cars, compared to the previous year's 4,338, reflects a burgeoning appetite for automobiles in the country.

Soaring Import Values

Beyond the numerical surge, the value of imported cars soared significantly, reaching $96.1 million. This staggering figure represents an 81% increase compared to January 2022, where the import value stood at $18 million. The exponential growth in import values underscores Kyrgyzstan's economic vibrancy and increased consumer spending.

South Korea's Dominance in Car Exports

A notable player in Kyrgyzstan's car import scene during this period was South Korea, emerging as the main exporter of passenger cars. With a substantial contribution of 2,990 cars amounting to $22.4 million, South Korea's export volume experienced a staggering 4.6-fold increase compared to January 2022 (646 cars for $3.3 million). This surge highlights the growing influence of South Korean automakers in Kyrgyzstan's market.

Trade Turnover Overview

Beyond the automotive sector, Kyrgyzstan's overall trade turnover was robust, reaching $834.7 million in January 2023. This figure reflects a 20% YoY increase from $692.5 million in 2022. The substantial growth in trade turnover signals a broader economic momentum within the country.

Exports and Imports Dynamics

Breaking down the trade turnover, Kyrgyzstan's exports totalled $125.5 million, reflecting an 11% increase from the $111 million recorded in January 2022. On the import front, Kyrgyzstan experienced a more substantial surge, with imports reaching $709 million, marking a notable 22% increase from $581 million in January 2022. This dynamic suggests a buoyant demand for domestic and international goods within Kyrgyzstan.


Kyrgyzstan's automotive sector, characterised by a significant surge in car imports, mirrors a broader trend of economic vitality within the country. South Korea's dominance in exporting cars to Kyrgyzstan adds a nuanced dimension to the evolving dynamics of the local automotive market. The overall boost in trade turnover underscores Kyrgyzstan's resilience and growth in the face of economic challenges.