Toyota launched the Hilux 2021. It is a pick-up that will continue to provide its loyal customers with what they always want: reliability. But it will also try to convince users of other brands. Will it succeed? In this version, the lights are all LEDs, including the fog lights. And the bumper now has parking sensors in front. From the side it is the same, except for the black wheels (same color as on the new Chevrolet S10 2021).

The chassis of the Toyota Hilux is narrow. It is the narrowest in the mid-size pick-up market. That's why it always looks "thinner" and "taller" than its rivals. To have a more aggressive aesthetic, the fenders are widened, but the wheelbase is short. The actual width is that of the doors. It is prettier than before, but still has the same chassis as before and a limited gearbox. In exterior equipment, when compared to other top-of-the-line pickups, the Hilux 2021 looks bare-bones.


Due to the narrow chassis, the cabin of the Hilux has always been the narrowest of all. In the top of the range, this is compensated by all the comfort equipment, which makes life on board a little better. The Hilux is a step above the Nissan Frontier and all of these domestic pick-ups I named are clearly superior to the Chevrolet S10.

The seats of the SRX now have a combination of synthetic and natural leather. The upholstery is perforated, because it now comes with ventilation. It's a good idea, but beware that only ventilation. The seats are not heatable. The driver's seat is electrically adjustable and comfortable, although the backrest could be a little wider.


Here there is a big leap. It always had 7 airbags (very good), but now it also offers this in the Single Cab. And, for the first time, it offers driving assistance systems (ADAS). They work perfectly and are very easy to control from the steering wheel. The adaptive cruise control is the best and the control is with a small lever.


Autonomous Emergency Braking has no pedestrian detection, no hands-off-the-steering-wheel alert and no fatigue sensor. These three things are offered on the Ranger Limited.


Keeping its style, Toyota came out with this generation of the Hilux with few hp/liter (63) and only after five years of making sure it won't break down, they brought it up to 72 hp/liter. Now it delivers 204 hp (before, 177 hp), while the torque increased to 500 Nm for the versions with automatic gearbox (before, 450) and 420 Nm with manual gearbox (without gears).